BodyBuilderModel Repository 

Repository of models for the Vicon BodyBuilder modeling package from Vicon Motion Systems.

These models are shareware, so you are welcome to download and use them, providing that you acknowledge the source of the model. Please also drop the author an email to let them know you're using their model! There's more here...

Information on BodyBuilder Kinetic functions

Please note that the downloads below do not work any more. You may download all files in a single ZIP file (2.8 MB).

Model(s) Author(s) Function Sample c3d file(s) Model Parameters Marker Set(s)
Johan.mod Richard Baker
Michael Eames 
(Belfast, N. Ireland)
Calculates total body Centre of Mass: Notes & README CoMexamp.c3d
CoMpost.rep report template Johan.mkr 
StickTest.mod Chris Kirtley, Hong Kong, PRC Calculates discrepancy between center of pressure and stick with 2 markers StickTest.c3d StickTest.mkr
Golem.mod Vicon Motion Systems Full-body 
kinematics, bones & muscles: 
Golem.mod Golem.mkr
ClaudiusV.mod Vicon Motion Systems Full-body kinematics, bones muscles & kinetics  ClaudiusV.c3d Claudius.mkr
Cumnor_cleveland.mod Vicon Motion Systems Cleveland marker set Cumnor_cleveland.mkr
kinVCM.mod Vicon Motion Systems Emulates VCM Lisawlk3.c3d kinVCM.mkr
McCoy.mod Vicon Motion Systems Draws all bones 
(FP draws GRVs)
TimPitt3.c3d McCoy.mkr
Foot.mod Vicon Motion Systems Draws foot bones (left foot only): see this animation Foot-Static.c3d
Foot-Hop.c3d Footsegs.mkr
Spine.mod Vicon Motion Systems Draws vertebrae Spine.c3d Spine.mkr
BothFeetKin.mod Stefano Taioli Notes OnTipToes.c3d
Step(Right).c3d BothFeet2Kin.mkr
fullbody.mod Vicon Motion Systems Full-body Dynamic2.c3d fullbody.mkr
Body.mod Vicon Motion Systems Full-body Dynamic2.c3d Body.mkr
KinBody.mod Vicon Motion Systems Full-body kinetics Lift05.c3d KinBody.mkr
Lifting.mod Vicon Motion Systems Analyses lifting Lift05.c3d Lifting.mkr
SIMMilar.mod Richard Baker
(Belfast, N. Ireland)
Draws stylised muscles and calculates muscle lengths Lisawlk3.c3d SIMMilar.mkr
Vicon Motion Systems Converts C3D to Aclaim AMC file TimPitt3.c3d Superandre.mkr
YinYang.mod Chris Kirtley, Hong Kong, PRC Measures 'Yin-Yang' energy TaiChi.c3d (1.4Mb) CoMpost.mkr
DynaKAD.mod Richard Baker
(Belfast, N. Ireland)
Optimises VCM thigh rotation offsets: Notes & README Lisawlk3.c3d DynaKAD.mkr
Flow.mod Chris Kirtley, Hong Kong, PRC Calculates inter-segmental power flows Lisawlk3.c3d McCoyFP.mkr