Take a virtual reality tour of a gait laboratory!

Click and drag your mouse to tour - Ctrl or  Shift to zoom in or out.

...You'll need QuickTime.... Help for viewing QTVR (it may take some time for the file to load - it's about 1 Mb in size).

You can save the file by right-clicking here!

You'll see a typical gait laboratory used for 3D motion analysis. This one uses a Vicon 370 system. There are three force platforms - two strain-gauged types from Advanced Medical Technologies (AMTI) and one Kistler piezo-electric system. There's also an Equitest posturography and a Noraxon Telemyo electromyography telemetry unit. Several hotspots around the lab will take you off to the appropriate web-sites, and you can pass through a invisible door next to the mannekin to view from the other side. Enjoy the visit!

Here's another lab in Melbourne, Australia

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