CGA FAQ: Prosthetic considerations

from CGA July '96

I am working with amputees and assessing
the effect of different prosthesis on the gait of TT amputees. The majority
of research papers in this area model the prosthesis as a normal lower limb
and do not therefore account for the altered mechanisms, especially in designs
such as the Flex Foot. I have read only one paper (Prince et al at CSB last
year) which proposes an alternative method. Has anybody done any research in 
this area, ie to assess if the inverse dynamics approach is applicable for
amputee gait?

Looking forward to the responses,

Siobhan Hillery,
Brunel University College,
Osterley Campus,

For the one like Siobhan Hillery who are interested in a more complete 
technique for energy calculation that can be used in any foot prostheses, 
please read the following. 

I have published a full paper on a new technique for the biomechanical 
assessment of foot prostheses.  

Prince, F., Winter, D.A., Sjonnesen, G. and Wheeldon, R.K. (1994).  A new 
technique for the calculation of energy stored, dissipated, and recovered 
in different ankle-foot prostheses.  IEEE Transactions on Rehabilitation 
Engineering, vol. 2, 247-255.

A more clinical paper is under review and I will include the reference 
when available.  

Francois Prince, PhD
Director Gait and Posture Laboratory
Sherbrooke Geriatric University Institute
tel. (819) 829 7131
fax. (819) 829 7141

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