CGA FAQ: How much to charge for a gait analysis

        "Ryan Sleik" <>

Dear list,
Thank you to those who have submitted reply's to my query.  I have compiled the information I
received for those of you who are interested in the topic.
In my French institute, the charge for a gait analysis is between 600 - 700 €.
Hi - yes we do gait analysis in the private sector. Some for podiatrists but mainly for sports
professionals with podiatric or gait anomalies etc
We generally charge around £120 - but this can go up depending on the complexity of what they
require. It is normally included into a whole battery of tests, and the data written up in the form of a
report. We do approximately 2 per month. It usually includes kinematics, force plate, Musgrave
pressure plate data and physical/clinical examination. We rarely use e.m.g but have the facility if
We have seen a few patients with chronic conditions more related to MVA and not workman's comp.
Our charge for a full analysis runs ~$1300.
 I use F-scan ( ) in shoe pressure data and a 2D motion system for static angle measurement.  I take data barefoot, and in a shoe w/ no orthotic
initially.  I will then modify a pair of temporary orthotics over 4-7 tests w/ the f-scan and 2D video, until
I have made the foot function as symmetrical as I can.  This take 2.5-3 hours as well, and I interpret
each test and direct the next modification.  Finally , I will take a plaster cast impression for construction
of a custom foot orthosis for the patient w/ the final test modifications.  I get great results in treating
chronic low back pain, and othre postural symptoms.  I also work w/ professional athletes, and local
high school and college athletes.  Pain and athletics are what drive this part of my practice. I've been
doing this for about 2 years.  My current charges to insurance for the tests, avg 3 hours, and the temp
and permanent orthotics are $2200.  Keep in mind these are my charges.  We have been gettng
reimbursement around $1200-$1500.

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