Case of the week: 25-2-2005

Supplied by Amitesh Narayan, Dept. of Physiotherapy, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, India


This is a girl aged 3 years 10 months with spastic diplegia, who requires a walking aid to ambulate.

She has attained the following milestones:

She has the following problems: Functionally she is independent:
• She can come to sit, stand with support, crawl, stands independently with AFO for less than 1 min.
• She is a very bright girl, communication is normal
• Other systems are normal
She has been receiving therapy past 1 and half yr and she has started walking with walker within 6 months. For the past one yr her motor status is static as she is today .We are unable to wean her off walker due to the dynamic adductor spasticity that accompanies gait with the AFO and of course TA spasticity when not using the AFO.

(with AFOs)
front (6Mb) front (700kb)
back (370kb)
(without AFOs)
right (6Mb) right (1.6Mb)

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