Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology

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Journal Code   : 3054
Journal        : Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology
Volume issue   : 8/1
Year           : 1998
Anticipated Publication Date: 19-MAR-98

pp. 3-10
Electromyographic response of the trunk muscles to postural pertubation in
sitting subjects
M Zedka, S Kumar, Y Narayan

pp. 11-21
Organization of responses in human lateral gastrocnemius muscle to specified
body perturbations
SL Wolf, J Ammerman, B Jann

pp. 23-34
Development of new muscle synergies in postural control in spinal cord injured
HAM Seelen, YJM Potten, J Drukker, JPH Reulen, C Pons

pp. 35-44
Extrapolation of time series of EMG power spectrum parameters in isometric
endurance tests of trunk extensor muscles.
JH Van Dieen, P Heijblom, H Bunkens

pp. 45-50
EMG variability during maximum voluntary isometric and anisometric contractions
is reduced using spatial averaging
JE Kasprisin, MD Grabiner

pp. 51-57
EMG signal amplitude assessment during abdominal bracing and hollowing
GT Allison

Journal Code   : 3054
Journal        : Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology
Volume issue   : 8/2
Year           : 1998
Anticipated Publication Date: 22-MAY-98

pp. 59-60
W Herzog

pp. 61-77
Muscle the motor of movement:  properties in function, experiment and modelling
PA Huijing

pp. 79-91
Frequency domain-based models of skeletal muscle
RV Baratta, M Solomonow, BH Zhou

pp. 93-100
Musculoskeletal balance of the human wrist elucidated using intraoperative laser
RL Lieber, J Friden

pp. 101-109
Modelling functional effects of muscle geometry
BJJJ Van Der Linden, HFJM Koopman, HJ Grootenboer, PA Huijing

pp. 111-117
History-dependence of force production in skeletal muscle:  a proposal for
W Herzog

pp. 119-124
Human muscle modelling from a user's perspective
AJ Van Den Bogert, KGM Gerritsen, GK Cole

pp. 125-132
Can muscle models improve FES - assisted walking after spinal cord injury?
J Bobet

pp. 133-138
A numerical study of the stiffness of a sarcomere
M Forcinito, M Epstein, W Herzog

pp. 139-145
The effects of prior antagonistic muscle vibration on performance of rapid
S Radovanovic, S Jaric, S Milanovic, I Vukcevic, M Ljubisavljevic, R

pp. 147-155
EMG-force relation in dynamically contracting cat plantaris muscle
W Herzog, J Sokolosky, YT Zhang, ACS Guimaraes

pp. 157-168
An electromyographic study of upper limb adduction force with varying shoulder
and elbow postures
HG Coury, S Kumar, Y Narayan

pp. 169-176
Learning a motor task involving obstacles by a multi-joint, redundant limb:  two
synergies within one movement
S Jaric, M Latash

pp. 177-184
The effect of light manual precision work on shoulder muscles - an EMG analysis
H Sporrong, G Palmerud, R Kadefors, P Herberts

pp. 185-193
Consequences of trapezius relaxation on the distribution of shoulder muscle
forces: an electromyographic study
G Palmerud, H Sporrong, P Herberts, R Kadefors

Journal: Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology
ISSN   : 1050-6411
Volume : 8
Issue  : 4
Date   : 14-Aug-1998

pp iii-iii

pp 195-196
Editorial - EMG of Spinal Muscles
S Kumar

pp 197-204
Ligamento-muscular protective reflex in the lumbar spine of the feline
M Stubbs, M Harris, M Solomonow, B Zhou, Y Lu, RV Baratta

pp 205-214
EMG recordings of abdominal and back muscles in various standing postures
validation of a biomedical model on sacroiliac joint stability
CJ Snijders, MTLM Ribbers, HV Bakker, R Stoeckart, HJ Stam

pp 215-225
Trunk kinematics and trunk muscle activity during a rapidly applied load
JS Thomas, SA Lavender, DM Corcos, GBJ Andersson

pp 227-232
Frequency response of spine extensors during rapid isometric contractions:
effects of muscle length and tension
LC Brereton, SM Mcgill

pp 233-245
EMG assessment of back muscle function during cyclical lifting
SH Roy, P Bonato, M Knaflitz

pp 247-256
Trunk muscle activities during asymmetric twisting motions
WS Marras, KG Davis, KP Granata

pp 257-267
Spectral parameters of trunk muscles during isometric axial rotation in
neutral posture
S Kumar, Y Narayan

pp 269-278
Evaluation of EMG signals from rehabilitated patients with lower back pain
using wavelets
ND Panagiotacopulos, JS Lee, MH Pope, K Friesen

pp 279-285
Methods to reduce the variability of EMG power spectrum estimates
RV Baratta, M Solomonow, BH Zhou, M Zhu

pp 287-294
Discharge rate of selected motor units in human biceps brachii at different
muscle lengths
P Christova, A Kossev, N Radicheva

pp 295-303
Analysis of voluntary finger movements during hand tasks by a motion
M Nakamura, C Miyawaki, N Matsushita, R Yagi, Y Handa

pp 305-315
Variability of some SEMG parameter estimates with electrode location
JY Hogrel, J Duchene, JF Marini

pp 317-322
A study of the reproducibility of three different normalisation methods in
intramuscular dual fine wire electromyography of the shoulder
AD Morris, GJ Kemp, A Lees, SP Frostick

pp 323-335
Estimation of the relationship between the noninvasively detected activity
of single motor units and their characteristic pathological changes by
C Disselhorst-Klug, J Silny, G Rau

pp 337-346
Rotational action of the supraspinatus muscle on the shoulder joint
K Ihashi, N Matsushita, R Yagi, Y Handa

pp 347-347
Introduction to surface electromyography edited by J R Cram, G S Kasman, J
M Solomonow

pp 347-347
Clinical applications in surface electromyography: chronic musculoskeletal
pain edited by G S Kasman, J R Cram, S L Wolf
M Solomonow