Case of the week - 31/7/96

10 yo girl with diplegic cerebral palsy. Tendo-Achilles lengthening performed 5 y previously.

Motion Toolbox annotated summary (2 Mb full-screen QuickTime - best saved to disk first to prevent it being distorted to fit browser)

Right-side summary & auto-diagnostics
Right-side movie
Right-side Gait Analysis Results
Right-side Force-plate record

Left-side summary & auto-diagnostics
Left-side movie
Left-side Gait Analysis Results
Frontal-plane movie

Right-side with AFOs summary & auto-diagnostics
Right-side movie with AFOs
Right-side Gait Analysis Results with AFOs

Left-side with AFOs summary & auto-diagnostics
Left-side movie with AFOs
Left-side Gait Analysis Results with AFOs
Frontal-plane movie with AFOs

(The raw data)

... points for discussion:

  • What effect will contact of the knees during 'scissoring' have on the inverse dynamics calculation?
  • What effect has the previous surgery likely to have had?
  • What further surgery, if any, would you recommend?

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