Case of the week - 25/9/97

from Univ. Clinic for Physical Medicine & Rehabiliation, Vienna General Hospital

10 year old child with diplegic idiopathic cerebral palsy. Physical examination...

Hip Abduction (knee flexed) left 35°, right 45° (knee extended) left 60°, right 45°

Tibial torsion left normal, right 45°; Femoral anteversion left 60°, right 45°

Ankle clonus left ++, right +; Extension deficit (hip at 90°) left 60°, right 45°

Rectus sign active left ++, right + passive left ++, right +

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  left side left side front view front view
  right side right side rear view rear view

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3D Gait Analysis (Motion Analysis Corporation)

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... points for discussion:

  • What is the cause of the transverse plane abnormalities?
  • What treatment (physical/surgical) would you recommend?

  • Case supplied by Mag. Andreas Kranzl and Dr. Andreas Kopf

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