Case of the week - 25/7/96

16 yo girl with Rett Syndrome, a disorder which is characterised by an early period of normal motor development (in this patient until the age of 2 y), followed by a period of regression and intellectual disability with onset of repetitive hand-wringing (which can be seen on the frontal-plane movies). Gait usually wide-based, stiff-legged equinus. Small feet and scoliosis are associated deformities, with poor circulation in the lower-limbs. Sensation difficult to assess in view of the intellectual impairment, but it was noted that this patient did not seem to feel pain when her leg was scalded when she was 3 yo. Gait analysis performed while walking with assistance, with AFOs and FFOs fitted.

More information about this syndrome

Right-side movie
Right-side Gait Analysis Results
Right-side Force-plate record
Left-side movie
Left-side Gait Analysis Results
Left-side Force-plate record
Frontal-plane movie
Right-side movie with AFOs
Right-side Gait Analysis Results with AFOs
Right-side Force-plate record
Left-side movie with AFOs
Left-side Gait Analysis Results with AFOs
Left-side Force-plate record
Left-side movie with FFOs
Frontal-plane movie with FFOs

... points for discussion:

  • What are the main abnormalities in the gait? Is it "ataxic"?
  • How much does the patient rely on the helper for locomotion?
  • What effect, if any, do the orthoses have, and which would you recommend?

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